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Porous Honeycomb Ceramic Regenerator Ceramic Honeycomb Heater
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Porous Honeycomb Ceramic Regenerator Ceramic Honeycomb Heater

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  • 100, 000pieces/Month

  • Wooden Box and Pallet or According to Your Demand

  • L/C, T/T, Western Union

  • HCH

  • Ceramic

  • Heater

  • Plate Heat Exchanger

  • DXY

  • China

  • Cordierite/Corundum Mullte/Mullite/Silicon Oxide

  • Rto

  • 25/40/43/50/60holes

  • Round, Square, Hexagonal, Triangular

  • 1320-1700

  • Regenerative Heat Exchanger

Product Description

Honeycomb Ceramic Heater is new developed ceramic part, as its features of corrosion resistances, large specific surface area, small heat resistance, good thermal conductivity and excellent thermal-shock resistance, fast heat exchanging and energy saving. It is the best choice for RTO, heat exchanger and other environmental protection and energy saving products. Honeycomb ceramic heat accumulation substrate heat capacity can be achieve at more than J/kgk1000. Use a temperature≥ 1700° C in the heating furnace, roaster, soaking furnace, pyrolysis furnace, fuel can be savings of more than 40%, increase in production for more than 15%. The flue gas temperature below 150° C.

Honeycomb Ceramic Heater is the main components of High Temperature Air Combustion Technology. It has been widely used in various heating furnaces such as pusher-type heating furnace, walking-beam heating furnace, heat treatment furnace, forging furnace, melting furnace, firing furnace and ladle heaters, soaking pit, radiant tube burner, lifting furnace, blast furnace hot blast stove etc.

*Lower NOx by avoiding very high peak-temperatures
*CO2 reduction
Fuel consumption decreases CO2 emissions decreases
*Energy saving
Thermal energy from exhaust gases used to heat up combustion air
Higher heat flux from flames
*Equipment size reduction
Uniform heat flux distribution and thermal field uniformity
Volume of the combustion chamber is fully used

*High working temperature
*Large specifc surface area
*Good thermal conductivity
*All shapes avalible
Parameters Unit standard typical data
Cordierite crystal phase wt% ≥90 94
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion20-800celsius degree cm/cm/celsius degree ≤1.2 ≤1.5×10-6
Thermal Stability20-650celsius degree times ≥1 3
Soften Temperature Celsius degree ≥1420 1440
Compression Strength Lengthways MPa ≥15 16.9
Horizontal MPa ≥2 6.2
Specific Weight Kg/L ≥0.15 0.45-0.5
Porosity % 40-45 41
Water-absorbing rate % 23-27 23.8

Rotundity shape Ellipse shape
Specificationmm Number of channels (holes /square inch) Specification (mm) Number of channels (holes /square inch)
Φ83×85 400 T146.8×77×86.4 400
Φ144×152.4 400 T120.6×80×152.4 400
Φ100×100 400 T169.7×80.7×76.2 400
Φ130×130 400 T144.8×81.3×152.4 400
Φ118×150 400 T144.8×81×76.2 400
Φ103×100 400 T169.7×80.7×101.6 400
Φ150×75 400 T144.8×81.3×100 300
Φ83×125 400 T127×63.5×107 300
Φ150×150 300 T144.8×81.3×70 300
Φ120×100 300 T144.8×81.3×150 300
Φ101.6×100 300 Race track shape
Φ94×100 300 P120.65× 80.01×76.2 400
Φ85×70 300 P120.65× 80.01× 76.2 200
Φ93×76 200 P144×68×150 400
Φ118×76 200 P125×80×100 400


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