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Sic Ceramic Foam Filter for Metal Filtration
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Sic Ceramic Foam Filter for Metal Filtration

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  • 100, 000pieces/Month

  • Export Package: Wooden Box+Pallet

  • T/T

  • CFS

  • 10ppi,20ppi,30ppi,40ppi,50ppi,60ppi

  • 11-50mm

  • Grey

  • Steel Iron Foundry

  • DXY

  • China

  • 842199900

  • 1770< Refractoriness< 2000

  • Long Time Materials

  • Refractory Material

  • Rectangle, Round, Square

  • Silicon Carbide (SiC)

  • 50*50*13mm,200*150*15mm,400*250*15mm,etc

Product Description

Silicon carbide is thermally conductive (ceramic foam filters are insulating oxide ceramics).
Therefore, there is less temperature gradient between the hot and cold sides of the filter.
This means less superheat is required in the hearth, and less sludging occurs because temperature can be maintained in the dip-out well. Actual temperature gradients depend on furnace design, well area, metal
throughput, and filter cleanliness. Gradients less than 5 celsius degree exist with steady metal flow - for example, during continuous dip-out, ladling, or pouring - and when oxide buildup, which is insulating, is removed periodically

Applications: Filters for Molten Iron & Alloy, nodular cast iron castings, grey iron castings
and malleable castings,and for the filtration of non-ferrous metals

Material: SiC (Silicon Carbide)
Working Temperature: 1500 celsius degree
Pore Size: 10,20,30,60 PPI

Sic Ceramic Foam Filter for Metal Filtration
Sic Ceramic Foam Filter for Metal Filtration
Feature CFS
Material SiC
Temperature(celsius degree) ≤1700
PPI 10~60
Porsity(%) 80~90
Hardness (Mpa) ≥1.0
Density (g/cm3) ≤0.5
Thermal Stability(1100 celsius degree/per time) 2
AI2O3 (%) 30~35
SiO2 (%) 0~5
SiC (%) 60~65
ZrO2 (%) _
MgO _
Others (%) 0~5
Application Iron, Copper Casting


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