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Honeycomb Ceramic Heater Honeycomb Filter for Iron Casting
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Honeycomb Ceramic Heater Honeycomb Filter for Iron Casting

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  • 100, 000pieces/Month

  • Wooden Box, Carton Box with Pallet

  • L/C, T/T, Western Union

  • CHF

  • Square, Circular, Triangular, Hexagonal, etc

  • 100cpsi, 200cpsi, 300cpsi, etc

  • Metallic Molten

  • DXY

  • China

  • 1580< Refractoriness< 1770

  • Long Time Materials

  • Refractory Material

  • Square, Circular, Triangular, etc

  • Mullite, Cordierite, High Alumina, etc

  • 50*50, 40*40, 65*65, 50*75, etc

Product Description

Ceramic Honeycomb Filters
-------for the filtering of metallic molten polymer
Ceramic Honeycomb Filter has the characteristics: Larger specific surface, high mechanical strength, and perfect heat-resistance performance. It can make the following result through filter: Purify metal liquid and get ride of non- metal impurity and gas. Make the filling type of the metal liquid steady and reduce the swirl. Simplify the pouring system and improve the producing rate. Reduce the air vent of castings and optimize and thin out metal organization. Improve surface quality of castings and mechanical performance. Reduce the rejection rate of castings, reduce the surplus of processing, raise the life span of the cutter and reduce casting cost.

Ceramic Honeycomb Filter
DXY is one of the world's leading advanced ceramic materials companies in the design, manufacture and marketing of high-tech ceramics. We are major supplier alumina products, zirconia products, magnesia products, Si3N4products and AIN products. These are used in a wide range of applications in Electricity, information, power, automobile and petrol. Base on the case studying of domestic and international cast field in recent years, our factory adjust the prescription and innovate the technique to produce filters products series with different appearance specifications, wall thickness, hole type and aperture. Cordierite, Mullite, Zircon mullite, Zirconia-corundum filters for the highest temperature 1350° C, 1500° C, 1580° C and 1650° C. Good thermal shock properties, not blowdown, not be collapsed
Uniform round hole make when metal liquid go through, small eddy will not be produce, more conducive to change metal liquid from laminar to turbulence.

Accurate extrusion die make product quality extremely stable and consistency.
The same appearance ceramic filters, the openings rate of square hole's is exceeding 10% than round hole's.
Ceramic Honeycomb Filter
*High surface area, high heat capacity
*ISO9001: 2000, ISO9001: 2008
*Catalyst carrier
*Tower packing


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