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Ceramic Honeycomb Filter for Melting of Metal
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Ceramic Honeycomb Filter for Melting of Metal

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  • 100, 000pieces/Month

  • Wooden Box, Carton Box with Pallet

  • L/C, T/T, Western Union

  • CHF

  • Square, Circular, Triangular, Hexagonal, etc

  • 100cpsi, 200cpsi, 300cpsi, etc

  • Metal Casting

  • DXY

  • China

  • 1580< Refractoriness< 1770

  • Long Time Materials

  • Refractory Material

  • Square, Circular, Triangular, etc

  • Mullite, Cordierite, High Alumina, etc

  • 50*50, 40*40, 65*65, 50*75, etc

Product Description

Honeycomb Ceramic Filter Description:
Honeycomb ceramic is new developed ceramic part. As it's features of corrosion resistances, large specific surface area, small heat resistance, good thermal conductivity and excellent thermal-shock resistance, fast heat exchanging and energy saving. It is widely used in metallurgy and casting industry for the filter of melted metal. Usage of mullite/cordierite as its material and quality high density channel have endowed the products with good heat compression resistance and high casting temperature resistance, besides, flat channel design of honeycomb ceramic filter enable the balance between air flow rate and strength, and to remove the contaminants and cast particulates effectively, which hence improve the casting mechanic capability, surface look and product pass rate greatly.

*Pore density: 600 cells/square inch, 25 cells/square inch
*Materials include cordierite, mullite cordierite, mullite and high alumina
*Pore shapes: Circular, rectangular and triangle
*Product section: Circular, square, rectangular, oval, lane-shape and special-shape
*Max. Outside dimensions: Diameter 300mm, height 355mm

*Mechanic deterring: Remove big oxide
*Commutated function: Calm down turbulent laminar flow
*Absorbing function: The myriad eyelets which only been found in microscope can absorb smaller impurities, make more excellent metal products
*Contact action: The special exact square and the triangle bore eye apperance design promote to oxidize miscellaneous quality to absorb dintfe

*Purifying the metal liquid, absorbing the oxide and filtering the non-metal impurities
*Making the metal liquid flowing at stable speed, reducing the vortex and reducing bubbles in the casting
*Improving metal structure and quality, prolong the working life of the casting
*Improving the casting surface performance and improving the density of the casting

Straight channel ceramic honeycomb filter can meet the highest requirements in the light metals, gray iron and ductile iron and other casting process

Application: Apply to iron, copper, steel, stainless steel foundry


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