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Silica Carbide Diesel Particulate Filter Ceramic Honeycomb Filter
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Silica Carbide Diesel Particulate Filter Ceramic Honeycomb Filter

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  • Shanghai, China

  • 100, 000pieces/Month

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  • DPF

  • 240*305mm, 144*152.4mm, 286*305mm, etc

  • DXY

  • Wooden Box/Carton Box with Pallet

  • China

  • 84213990

  • Ceramic

  • Euro IV

  • ISO9001, TS16949

  • Catalytic Converter

  • Gas Treatment/Purifier for Auto/Motorcycle

  • 100-600cpsi

Product Description

SiC Diesel Particulate Filter Description
With increasing appearance of diesel engine automobile, the particulate from emission, mainly
Carbon, enhances the pollution to the environment. Regulation for diesel engine, stipulating the
Particulate in diesel passenger cars emission should meet the criterion: Below 2.0g/mile. The
Diesel particulate filter is able to filter above 80% carbon smoke particulate. For practical
Application, it would be a great help to solve the problem of air pollution.

Silica Carbide Diesel Particulate Filter Ceramic Honeycomb Filter

Specification SiC Diesel Particulate Filter
-For Catalytic Converter
-Used in car engine system
-SiC-based material

After the DPF is coated with precious-metal (such as Pt, Pd and Rh), black smoke with carbon particulate from diesel engine pass through a special tube and enter the filter. The carbon smoke particulate is absorbed to the filter made of metallic fiber felt, when passing the inner dense set and bag-style filter. When particulate absorption reaches some degree, the tail burner would be ignited to burn automatically. In this case, the particulate absorbed been burned out and turned into nontoxic CO2 then discharge. The full device is designed as double room structure, and filtration and recycle are going in different areas, making them non-disturbed. The system can work automatically whatever working condition the engine in. Epecially made honeycomb ceramic particulate filter, acts as capturing device to the particulate
To some extent.
Property (uncatalyzed) 100/17 200/12
Cell Density
cpsi 100 200
cpscm 15.5 31.0
Wall Thickness
inch 0.017 0.012
mm 0.432 0.305
Open Frontal Area (OFA), % 34.5 34.5
Geometric surface area (GSA) Inch2 33.3 47.0
M2/l 1.31 1.85
Hydraulic diameter Inch 0.083 0.059
mm 2.11 1.49
Modulus of rupture (psi/cpscm) 350 300
Porosity (%) 48 48
Coefficient of thermal expansion 102 cm/cm/ (20-800) --maximum average 5 5
Mean pore size (micron) 13 13
Melting temperature (celsius degree) 1460 1460


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