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Sic Diesel Particulate Filter for Diesel Engine of Dust Control
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Sic Diesel Particulate Filter for Diesel Engine of Dust Control

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  • DPF

  • 100-600cpsi

  • Round

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  • 84213990

  • Ceramic

  • Euro IV

  • ISO9001, TS16949

  • Catalytic Converter

  • Green

  • Silica Carbide

Product Description

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) for Diesel Soot Emission System-Regenerative:
Silicon carbide Diesel Particulate Filter is mainly used in the diesel engine tail gas purifying system to solve the air pollution problem.
Particulate matter traps systems by offering:
Low thermal expansion
High filter specific surface area
Low pressure drop
Long-term durability performance
High soot removal: >95%

Sic Diesel Particulate Filter for Diesel Engine of Dust Control

With the increase of diesel engine automobile. The more and more particulate matter from diesel exhausts emissions, adding to the pollution of the environment. Regulation for diesel engine, stipulating the particulate in diesel passenger cars emission should meet the criterion: Below 2.0g/mile. The diesel particulate filter is able to filter above 80% carbon smoke particulate. Diesel particulate filter effectively remove particles and fumes from diesel engine exhaust emission. Its efficiency for carbon particulates filtration is more than 90%. So reduce the pollution to the environment. It would be a great help to solve the problem of air pollution in city.

For diesel passenger car engines, diesel particulate filters effectively remove particulate matter (PM) or soot from diesel engine exhaust emission. We can depending on engine specification, gas analysis and emission requirements to offering variety of filter and regeneration designs. Our diesel particulate filters can be applied to mining construction equipment in underground mines to improving the air quality in work site. Diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) & diesel particulate filter(DPF) catalyst efficiently oxidizes SOF among CO, HC, PM from diesel exhaust
For gasoline passenger car engines, three ways catalyst converts HC, CO, NOx exhausted from gasoline vehicles into CO2, H2O and N2.

Sic Diesel Particulate Filter for Diesel Engine of Dust Control

*Large and compact area per unit volume
*Small pressure loss and excellent capturing performance
*Excellent heat resistance and heat shock resistance
Property (uncatalyzed) 100/17 200/12
Cell density cpsi 100 200
cpscm 15.5 31.0
Wall thickness inch 0.017 0.012
mm 0.432 0.305
Open frontal area (OFA), % 34.5 34.5
Geometric surface area (GSA) Inch2 33.3 47.0
m2/l 1.31 1.85
Hydraulic diameter Inch 0.083 0.059
mm 2.11 1.49
Modulus of rupture (psi/cpscm) 350 300
Porosity (%) 48 48
Coefficient of thermal expansion
102 cm/cm/ (20-800) --maximum average
5 5
Mean pore size (micron) 13 13
Melting temperature (Celsius Degree) 1460 1460
Size(Diameter × length) Cell density Shape
Φ70×152 100/200CPSI Round
Φ144×152 100/200CPSI Round
Φ144×205 100/200CPSI Round
Φ144×254 100/200CPSI Round
Φ144×305 100/200CPSI Round
Φ170×254 100/200CPSI Round
Φ190×200 100/200CPSI Round
Φ228×152 100/200CPSI Round
Φ228×254 100/200CPSI Round
Φ228×305 100/200CPSI Round
Φ240×240 100/200CPSI Round
Φ240×254 100/200CPSI Round
Φ240×305 100/200CPSI Round
Φ260×305 100/200CPSI Round
Φ270×305 100/200CPSI Round
Φ286×305 100/200CPSI Round
(98×195)×154 100/200CPSI Race track
(98×195)×205 100/200CPSI Race track
(98×195)×254 100/200CPSI Race track
(98×195)×305 100/200CPSI Race track


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