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Sic/Alumina/Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter
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Sic/Alumina/Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter

  • Shanghai, China

  • 100, 000pieces/Month

  • L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union, Paypal

  • FCF

  • DXY

  • Wooden Box/Carton Box with Pallet

  • 50*50*12mm,149.63/141.79*200*15,250*200*15mm,etc

  • China

  • 1580< Refractoriness< 1770

  • Long Time Materials

  • Refractory Material

  • Square, Rectangle, etc

  • Alumina, Sic, Zirconia

  • 10-60ppi

Product Description

Ceramic Foam Filter, remove metal slag and solution of metal impurities are far
stronger than several of the other filters, filter them with a combination of physics
and chemistry. Large inclusions in the filter surface is the physical screen, interception
and tiny inclusions in the role of chemical affinity and be attracted to the filter surface,
side walls or pores. Therefore, to effectively filter out impurities of various sizes,
including much smaller than the pores of the filter impurities. Such filters and comb
the whole disordered molten metal flow, reducing turbulence, allows the molten metal
flow to be smooth and clean.

Ceramic Foam Filter Classification
In accordance with its material, ceramic foam filter can be divided into Silicon Carbide Ceramic
Foam Filter,
Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter and Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter.

Sic/Alumina/Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter
Foam Ceramic Filters Working Principle
Sic/Alumina/Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter
Material Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filter Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter
Cell Density 8-60ppi 8-60ppi 8-60ppi
Opening Rate 80-90% 80-90% 80-90%
Temperature ≤1100celsius degree ≤1500celsius degree ≤1700celsius degree
Bending Strength At Room Temperature >0.6Mpa >0.8Mpa >1.0Mpa
Compressive Strength At Room Temperature >0.8Mpa >0.9Mpa >1.2Mpa
Bulk Density 0.3-0.45g/cm3 0.3-0.5g/cm3 0.9-1.5g/cm3
Thermal Stability 6times/1100celsius degree 6times/1100celsius degree 6times/1100celsius degree
Application Aluminum, Aluminum Alloys And Other Non-ferrous Alloys Ductile Iron, Malleable Iron, Gray Iron And Other Iron Steel, Alloy Seel, Stainless Steel And Other High-melting Metal Alloy


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