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Infrared Honeycomb Ceramic Plate for Gas-Fired Infrared Burner
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Infrared Honeycomb Ceramic Plate for Gas-Fired Infrared Burner

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Product Description

Infrared Ceramic Plate Description:
Our factory produces the infrared honeycomb ceramic plate used in combustion oven, using modern advanced science and technology and selecting high-purity and high-quality cordierite. They have the advantages of high heat efficiency and low energy consuming, low pollution, economical and practical, easy installing, high ventilative rate and strong heat radiation, etc. Natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas have achieved flameless combustion and release heat on the infrared ceramic plate Honeycomb ceramic as the infrared combustion ceramic plate is made by the high purity cordierite material and used in the gas-fired stove. This product has good thermal shock resistance (no cracks on the product if the honeycomb ceramic with 1000 is in the water with 20 for 3 times), high mechanical strength (crushing strength is 20MPa on the top and 5MPa on the side), good endurance for high temperature, high resistance for erosion. If coated with a black catalyst, the honeycomb ceramic can transfer the heat by infrared radiation style and this combustion style has more outstanding advantages comparing to the normal gas-fired stove combustion.

Compared with the electrical drying stove and common gas-fired combustion stove, infrared honeycomb ceramic plates have the following advantages:
*Outstanding Strength
*Uniform radiant burning
*Excellent thermal shock resistance
*Save up to 30~50% energy cost
*Burn without flame, high burning efficiency, low noise
*Reduce the harmful gas such as CO, NOx, etc more than 90%

In addition, we also develops and produces infrared honeycomb ceramic plate with the corrugation surface. It increases the specific surface area through transforming the simple plane surface into intersectant corrugated solid surface. By this way, it can promote the combustion supporting function and achieve the goal of energy conserving and environment protection.

*Ceramic shaft for aquarium equipment filter pump
*Ceramic plunger for high pressure cleaner
*Wearlessness, resistant acid-base and high intensity ceramic assembly apply to petroleum, chemical and chemical industry
*Wearlesness, corrosion resistance parts apply to precision machine
*They are also widely used in all kinds of ovens

*A variety of specifications available
*Satisfy various technical request
*High mechanical strength
*Good insulation performance and high temperature resistance
*Stiffness texture
*Good wear resistance

Barbecues Gyro Cookers
Broilers Pizza Ovens
Convection Ovens Pressure Fryers
Deep Fat Fryers Process
Evaporators Ranges
Gas Ovens Rotisserie Ovens
Griddles Space Heaters
Greenhouse CO 2 Sear Cookers

Item Index Specifications
Materials Cordierite We can provide you
the product by you desire .
Water absorption 50.4%
Open Porosity 61%
Specific gravity 0.6-0.9g/cm3
Thermal expansion coeffecient 1.5-3( × 10-6K-1)
Temperature softening >1280 ° C
Cooking Surface Temperature 1000-1200 ° C
CO release ≤ 0.006%
NOx release ≤ 5ppm

1 100*150 24*36 SQUARE 3
2 150*100 35*20 HEXAGON 3.6
3 150*100 30*23 SQUARE 4
4 150*100 23*13 HEXAGON 6
5 150*100 36*24 SQUARE 3
6 150*100 13*10 HEXAGON 9
7 100*100 22*25 HEXAGON 3.6
8 100*100 8*10 HEXAGON 9
9 100*100 13*15 HEXAGON 6
10 100*100 6*7 HEXAGON 12
11 100*100 18*18 HEXAGON 3.6
12 100*100 19*19 SQUARE 3.6
13 250*250 46*53 ROUND 4.1
14 250*200 53*37 ROUND 4.5
15 50*50 28*28 SQUARE 1.3
16 126*94.5 10*9 HEXAGON 9
17 150*150 43*43 SQUARE 2.6
18 150*150 25*25 SQUARE 4.8
19 150*150 4*4 HEXAGON 34
20 153.8*153.8 100*100 SQUARE 1
21 120*120 38*38 SQUARE 2.5


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