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Honeycomb Ceramic Filter (Cordierite, Mullite, Alundum mullite)
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Honeycomb Ceramic Filter (Cordierite, Mullite, Alundum mullite)

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  • L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union

  • CHF

  • 47*12.5mm, 25*12.5mm etc

  • 100, 200, 300, 400, 800 etc

  • White

  • DXY

  • China

Product Description

Ceramic honeycomb filter for the metal melting now are extensively applied to the metallurgic plants of casting/foundry, for example, steel, iron, copper and aluminum, etc. Because of its high mechanical intensity and heat-resistance, it is used to get rid of the metal impurity, refractory scrap, solid refractory alloy, sinter, in the molten metal liquid when casting the products, so as to reduce the air vent of casting, improve the quality of casting and also reduce the casting cost.

By using Al2O3, it independently developed cellular filters with pore density of 400 pores per square inches, compressive strength >20mPa, porosity > 20%. The shape of such filters include spherical, polygonal and mesh partition. Due to the strong corrosion-resistant property, high adsorption rate, no fall-off andenhanced durability, these type of filters have been favored by customers from Europe and the United States for years, using for the carrier of desulfurization and denitrification catalyst in petrochemical industry.

Materials: Mullite, cordierite ceramics, alumina, etc

*As support of catalyst, ceramic honeycomb materials are typically used for purifying automotive emission, removing bad smell etc
*As heat exchange media, ceramic honeycomb materials are mainly utilized in heat recovery unit of RTO's instead of ceramic saddles
*As filtrate substrate, ceramic honeycomb materials are generally utilized in food processing, water treatment, environmental industry, metallurgical industry etc

*Purifying the metal liquid, absorbing the oxide and filtering the non-metal impurities
*Making the metal liquid flowing at stable speed, reducing the vortex and reducing the bubbles in the cast part
*Equalizing the phase structure and prolonging the tools lifetime
*Improving the cast part surface performance and improving the density of the cast part

Name Type (hole/square inch) Specification (mm) Application Material
Honeycomb Ceramic Filter
66x66x12.5 Iron Casting Filter Cordierite
300 81x81x12.5 Cordierite
100 55x55x12.5 Cordierite

70x12.5 Cordierite
100 60x12.5 Cordierite
100-300 50x50x12.5 Cordierite

81x81x12.5 Cordierite
300 66x66x12.5 Cordierite
100 66x66x12.5 Cordierite
110 81x81x12.5 Cordierite
300 55x55x12.5 Cordierite

75x50x21 Cordierite
50 37x37x9.5 Cordierite
300 40x40x14.5 Cordierite
150 50x50x12.5 Rutile
100-300 75x50x12.5 Rutile
75x75x12.5 Rutile
100x75x12.5 Rutile
100x100x12.5 Rutile
125x125x15 Cordierite
125x100x15 Cordierite
150 150x10 Gas Stove Cordierite
300 145x10 Cordierite
400 80x10 Ruite



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