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Exhaust Honeycomb Ceramic Substrate Catalyst
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Exhaust Honeycomb Ceramic Substrate Catalyst

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Product Description

Honeycomb Ceramic Catalyst Description:

The gasoline engine tail gas purifier carrier coated with catalyst is suitable for and is currently one of the most important means to control tail gas purification for gasoline engine discharge of tail gas in motorized vehicles. Our honeycomb ceramics are characterized by unique honeycomb structure, low expansion coefficient, good thermal stability, large specific area and low pressure loss, and reach domestic advanced level.

Exhaust Honeycomb Ceramic Substrate Catalyst

The material for catalytic converter substrate is cordierite. The natural cordierite exists very rare in nature, so most of cordierites are made substances. The major features for such cordierite are low thermal expansion coefficient, good thermal shock resistance, high anti-acid, anti-alkali and anti-erosion function and good mechanical strength. The usual CPSI for catalystic converter substrate is 400. The shape of honeycomb ceramic can be round, racetrack, ellipse and other special shape according to the customer's requirement in order to meet the different cars models requirements. Ceramic Honeycomb Substrate could be coated with noble metals as per customers requested emission standard: EuroIV or EuroV.

According to different requirement of exhaust-gas control, selecting high efficient ceramic substrates of various kinds. Our company is one of the national standard setters of cellular ceramic, we supply the core technologies on lowering thermal expansion coefficient, improving the cellular structure and wall thickness. We offer more than 40 sizes of ceramic substrate with various cell designs.

Shape of the products: Cylinder, trapezoid, oval-shaped, racetrack-shaped
Pore density: 200-600cpsi (cell per square inch)
Material: Cordierite

*the wall thickness
*low pressure drop
*high surface area
*height compressive strength
*low thermal expansion coefficient

*As support of catalyst, ceramic honeycomb materials are typically used for purifying automotive emission, removing bad smell etc, for instance, utilized in exhaust catalytic converter, airfresher machine for hotel, restaurant, toilet and so on.
*Heat transfer agent: It can save 12% of energy in heat exchange, and it mainly utilized in heat recovery unit of RTO. Refractory stove: Low mass/volume, fast heat conduction. Gas burn distributing plate: Complete burn, energy saving is 10%.
*As filtrate substrate, they are generally utilized in food processing, environmental industry, metallurgical industry etc. For filtering particulate in industrial waste gas and bubble in liquid of molten melt and making the molten melt laminar so as to increase casting yields, also filtering impurities in juice, dextrose and sucrose etc.
Chemical composition
Property Unit Value
SiO2 % 48-51
Al2O3 % 31-34
Fe2O3 % <1.0
MgO % 12-14
K2O+Na2O % <1
Others % <1.0
Physical properties
Property Unit Value
Compressive Strength A axis
≥ 10
B axis ≥ 1.4
C axis ≥ 0.2
Water adsorption ° C ≥ 17
Bulk Density g/cm3 ≤ 0.5
Softening temperature ° C ≥ 1360
Thermal Expansion ° C-1(20-800 ° C) ° C ≤ 1.2 × 10-6
Thermal Shock Resistance -- Not crack after 3 cycles (30 mins)
Num Specification Holes shape Type
1 P120 × 81 × 76.2 Square 400Cell/In2(CPSI)
2 P120 × 80 × 150 Square 400Cell/In2(CPSI)
3 P144 × 68 × 150 Square 400Cell/In2(CPSI)
4 P125 × 80 × 100 Square 400Cell/In2(CPSI)
Num Specification Holes shape Type
1 83 × 85 Square 400Cell/In2(CPSI)
2 100 × 100 Square 400Cell/In2(CPSI)
3 130 × 130 Square 400Cell/In2(CPSI)
4 118 × 150 Square 400Cell/In2(CPSI)
5 107 × 100 Square 400Cell/In2(CPSI)
6 150 × 75 Square 400Cell/In2(CPSI)
7 83 × 125 Square 400Cell/In2(CPSI)
8 150 × 150 Square 300Cell/In2(CPSI)
9 120 × 100 Square 300Cell/In2(CPSI)
10 101.6 × 100 Square 300Cell/In2(CPSI)
11 94 × 100 Square 300Cell/In2(CPSI)
12 85 × 70 Square 300Cell/In2(CPSI)



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