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Ceramic SCR Catalyst
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Ceramic SCR Catalyst

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  • Transmission Noise

  • Exhaust Pipe

  • Europe

  • Ti,V,Wu

  • DXY

  • Export Package

  • 241*190

  • China

  • Exhaust Pipe

  • Aluminium

  • Euro V

  • ISO9001, TS16949, CE

  • The Noise of Engine

  • Mechanical Noise

Product Description

Diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a device designed for diesel engine exhaust gas purification, to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas. The basic metal compound Panasonic R & D , can be directly oxidized and decomposed in the diesel engine exhaust particulate matter (PM). Compared to the conventional platinum catalyst , since the NOx catalyst without passing through the DOC conversion NO2, thus reducing the amount of expensive platinum , lower cost , and can obtain the same decomposition performance at lower temperatures, and in temperature can be increased at the same rate of decomposition.

Use of the catalyst can also improve the combustion performance to the number of PM 's calculations , can reach more than 95% removal efficiency . In addition , the use of the present catalyst can also be a diesel engine exhaust gas treatment apparatus to reduce the cost and energy efficiency.

The heat-resistant ceramic surface coated with the catalyst, the catalyst of the DPF arranged on the downstream of the DOC , the exhaust gas can be removed in the formation of PM in diesel engine exhaust gas treatment device.

Honeycomb Ceramic Substrate for DPF Catalyst
1. Cordierite material honeycomb ceramic carrier: 100CPSI/200CPSI/300CPSI... Ceramic SCR Catalyst

Ceramic SCR Catalyst
Ceramic SCR Catalyst


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