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Diesel Particulate Filter Honeycomb Ceramic for Diesel Soot Emission System
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Diesel Particulate Filter Honeycomb Ceramic for Diesel Soot Emission System

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  • 100, 000pieces/Month

  • Wooden Box/Carton Box with Pallet

  • L/C, T/T, Western Union

  • DPF

  • as Catalyst Used in Diesel Engine

  • DXY

  • China

  • Ceramic

  • Euro IV

  • ISO9001, TS16949

  • Catalytic Converter

  • 190*200mm, 286*305mm, 224*305mm etc

  • 100-400cpsi

Product Description

Diesel particulate filter is made of SiC and Cordierite, and it is used to remove black smoke (PM e. G.: Hydrocarbons, soot) from diesel engine exhaust. And usually DPF removes 95% or more of the soot. Working principle: By forcing the exhaust gases through the walls between the channels of the DPF, the particulate matter is deposited on the walls, so reducing the amount of air pollution. It adopts opening and blocking up passages in both ends and the exhaust gas flow through the porous beehive wall to filter particles.

Diesel particulate filter is used to remove black smoke from diesel engine exhaust. It can be widely used in different industrial fields such as transportation, generating units, engineering machinery and metallurgy etc. The system installed Diesel Particulate Filter been examined for urban bus, forklift, truck & mining constructing equipment.

The particulate condition is related to the oxygen concentration. Normally, it is burning at 550-650. Its adopted to raise emission temperature by adjusting throttle, and increase gas temperature with burner. The particulate burning temperature can be decreased by catalyzed, making cumulative particulate burning as soon as possible, thus recover the pressure loss and fitters performance, then the filter is recycled.

*Broad band filtration (the diameters of the filtered particles are 0.2-150 μ M)
*Low back pressure
*High filtration efficiency (can be up to 95%)
*High refractory
*High mechanical properties


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