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Cordierite Honeycomb Ceramic Substrate for Car Emission System
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Cordierite Honeycomb Ceramic Substrate for Car Emission System

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  • 100, 000pieces/Month

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  • CHS

  • 100-600cpsi

  • as Catalyst Used in Automobile/Motorcycle

  • DXY

  • Wooden Box and Pallet/Packed as Customers′ Need

  • China

  • 690919000

  • Ceramic

  • Euro IV

  • ISO9001

  • Catalytic Converter

  • Cordierite

  • Diameter<120mm/Diameter<200mm,etc

Product Description

Automobile exhaust gases are conventionally purified with a catalyst supported on a ceramic body able to withstand high temperatures. The preferred catalyst support structure is a honeycomb configuration which includes a multiplicity of unobstructed parallel channels sized to permit gas flow and bounded by thin ceramic walls. The walls of these channels provide the surface for precious-metal catalysts that convert noxious emissions into carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapor. We can provide honeycomb ceramic substrate has been coated and non-coated precious-metal.

Cordierite Honeycomb Ceramic Substrate for Car Emission System

Ceramic substrate 20/40 process bauxite with high content finely and make it into small and round grains with different grain diameters like 0.45mm-0.90mm, 0.09mm-0.224mm with chemical agents and transformation agents. Finally fire them under high temperature. In this way, high strength fracturing propping agent is finished. It has high strength, low breaking rate, good sphericity, etc. Under closing pressure. It is the best product for stratum fracturing transformation of oil and gas field at present.

Cordierite Honeycomb Ceramic Substrate for Car Emission System

Ceramic Honeycomb Substrate is mainly used for supporting fissure of stratum fracturing transformation of deep oil and gas field. Enhance permeability of stratum Circulate oil gas. Increase output of oil gas

*High specific surface area: Ensure exhaust gas could contact weigh catalyst enough
*Stable water absorption: Guarantee catalyst could be firmly and evenly coated on the surface of substrate, so it's no waste for too thick coating
*Warm up characters: After starting up engine, the temperature of substrate could reach the active temperature of catalyst in the shortest time
*Low exhaust resistance: Ask exhaust resistance of substrate to engine low, so that it won't affect the performance of engine
*High intensity: Substrates work in bumpy cars, so the intensity of substrates must be too high to be destroyed
*Perfect assembly: Substrates are parts of exhaust; Perfect appearance and exact dimension could ensure assembly perfect
Item Index
HL-02(260Channel) HL-03(300Channel) HL-04(400Channel) HL-06(600Channel)
Volume Weight kg/cm ³ ≤ 0.70
Water Absorption% 20-27
Resistance to normal atmospheric temperature X(Parallel to channels) ≥ 50 ≥ 50 ≥ 65
Y(Vertical to channels) ≥ 160 ≥ 180 ≥ 200
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ° C-1(20-800 ° C) ≤ 1.50*10-6
Soften temperature ° C >1450
Thermal stability 800 ° C ≥ 3
Specific Surface Area (cm ² /cm ³ ) ≥ 20
Chemical composition range% Al2O3 SiO2 MgO K2O+Na2O Fe2O3 Others
31~34 48~21 12~14 <1 <0.5 <1
Specific heat20-100 ° C J/KG.K 800-900 800-950 800-1200 750-800 850-1100 840-920
Theraml conductivity20-100 ° C W/m.k 1.5-2.5 1.4-2.0 1.5-2.5 1.5-1.5 1.5
Size (mm) Size (mm) Size (mm) Size (mm)
ø 76.2x50 ø 93x85 ø 103.0x130 ø 118.4x118.4
ø 76.2x101.6 ø 93x88.3 ø 105.7x130 ø 118.4x120
ø 80x50 ø 93x100 ø 105.7x147.5 ø 118.4x127
ø 80x60 ø 93x110 ø 105.7x152.4 ø 118.4x140
ø 80x95 ø 93x101.6 ø 106.1x152.4 ø 118.4x152.4
ø 83x60 ø 93x118 ø 107.1x80 ø 132.1x100
ø 83x80 ø 93x130 ø 107.1x130 ø 143.76x127
ø 83x85 ø 93x152.4 ø 107.1x100.4 ø 143.8x75
ø 83x100 ø 93x170 ø 110x80 ø 143.8x152.4
ø 83x115 ø 97x88.9 ø 110x130 ø 143.8x177.8
ø 83x125 ø 97x114.3 ø 110x165 ø 150x66
ø 87x60 ø 97x170 ø 118.4x50.8 ø 150x100
ø 88x85 ø 101.6x50 ø 118.4x55 ø 150x150
ø 88x170 ø 101.6x76.2 ø 118.4x60 ø 170x50
ø 92x90 ø 101.6x90 ø 118.4x75 ø 170x70
ø 93x60 ø 101.6x100 ø 118.4x95 ø 170x100
ø 93x75 ø 101.6x123.3 ø 118.4x100 ø 180x60
ø 93x76 ø 101.6x152.4 ø 118.4x114.3 ø 180x270


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