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Cordierite Diesel Particulate Filter DPF
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Cordierite Diesel Particulate Filter DPF

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  • 100, 000pieces/Month

  • Wooden Box/Carton Box with Pallet

  • L/C, T/T, Western Union

  • DPF

  • Catalytic Converter

  • Round

  • Cordierite

  • 200cpsi, 300cpsi, 400cpsi, 600cpsi

  • as Catalyst Used in Car

  • Greater Than or Equal 3

  • DXY

  • China

  • Ceramic

  • Euroii-Euroiv

  • ISO9001, TS16949

  • The Noise of Engine

  • Mechanical Noise

  • The Brake Noise

Product Description

Cordierite Diesel Particulate Filter DPF
Diesel Particulate Filter adopts structure of honeycomb. It sets up independent opening and blocking up passages in both ends and the waste gas enters from one open end, then goes through the porous beehive wall, and finally discharges from adjoining passage. The carbon particulates are left over on passage wall because they are too big to pass through wall hole and won't be discharged to air.

The ceramic substrate is made of cordierite, and it is used for car catalytic converter. The cells density can be 100 cpsi, 300 cpsi, 400 cpsi or 600 cpsi. The shape will be round, oval or racetrack. We can supply both ceramic element coated with noble metals of Pt, Pd, Rh and ceramic element without noble metals.

Diesel particulate filter is used to remove black smoke (PM e. G.: Hydrocarbons, soot) from diesel engine exhaust, being a great contribution to the environment because of dealing with the exhaust from diesel engines. The diesel particulate filter can be used in different industrial fields such as environment protection, petrol-chemistry, medicine manufacture, and metallurgy etc. It has good investment return and broad prospect. The system installed DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) been examined for urban bus, forklift, truck & mining constructing equipment.

For diesel engine tail gas purifying system, we manufacture catalyzed diesel particulate filters for removal of PM (soot), HC, CO and regeneration of soot. We can provide silicon carbide or cordierite diesel particulate filter, both catalyzed and un-catalyzed. We can according to engine types, gas analysis and emission requirements to design the catalyst project. We can also provide diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and three-way catalyst for all engine types.

After coated with catalysts, this product is applied in catalytic converter of diesel vehicle to catalyze, convert and purify the exhaust, making vehicle exhaust reaching standards of Euro IV and Euro V.

Item data
CFT-02(260Channel) CFT-03(300Channel) CFT-04(400Channel) CFT-06(600Channel)
kg/cm ³ ≤ 0.70
Water Absorption% 20-27
Resistance to normal atmospheric temperature X(Parallel to channels) ≥ 50 ≥ 50 ≥ 65
Y(Vertical to channels) ≥ 160 ≥ 180 ≥ 200
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ° C-1(20-800 ° C) ≤ 1.50*10^6
Soften temperature ° C >1450
Thermal stability 800 ° C ≥ 3
Specific Surface Area (cm ² /cm ³ ) ≥ 20
Chemical composition range% AI2O3 SiO2 MgO K.Na2O Fe2O3 other
31-34 48-51 12-14 <1 <0.5 <1
Specific heat20-100 ° C J/KG.K 800-900 800-950 800-1200 750-800 850-1100 840-920
Theraml conductivity20-100 ° C W/m.k 1.5-2.5 1.4-2.0 1.5-2.5 1.5-1.5 1.5-2.3 1.0-1.2

Shape Hole density (hole/in2) Size (mm) Volume(litre)
Round 100/200 CPSI Φ 127 x 152.4 1.9308
Round 100/200 CPSI Φ 144x150 2.4432
Round 100/200 CPSI Φ 144x152.4 2.4823
Round 100/200 CPSI Φ 144x254 4.1372
Round 100/200 CPSI Φ 150x150 2.6511
Round 100/200 CPSI Φ 190x200 5.6713
Round 100/200 CPSI Φ 190x203 5.7564
Round 100/200 CPSI Φ 190x305 8.6487
Round 100/200 CPSI Φ 228x305 12.4542
Round 100/200 CPSI Φ 240x100 4.5245
Round 100/200 CPSI Φ 240x240 10.8588
Round 100/200 CPSI Φ 240x305 13.7997
Round 100/200 CPSI Φ 260x305 16.1954
Round 100/200 CPSI Φ 267x305 17.0792
Round 100/200 CPSI Φ 286x267 17.1550
Round 100/200 CPSI Φ 286x305 19.5965
Round 100/200 CPSI Φ 286x355 22.8090
Round 100/200 CPSI Φ 286x381 24.4795
Race track 100 CPSI Φ 188x103x145 2.2055
Assemble track 100 CPSI Φ 374x270x317 27.0537

Cordierite Diesel Particulate Filter DPF

Cordierite Diesel Particulate Filter DPF


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