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Honeycomb Metal Catalyst Metal Honeycomb Substrate Catalytic Converter
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Honeycomb Metal Catalyst Metal Honeycomb Substrate Catalytic Converter

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  • Shanghai, China

  • 100, 000pieces/Month

  • L/C, T/T, Western Union

  • MHS

  • The Brake Noise

  • Catalytic Converter

  • Europe

  • SS304, SS316,Fe-Cr-Al Alloy

  • as Catalyst Used in Automobile/Motorcycle

  • 100-600cpsi

  • 0.04-0.1

  • 10-250

  • 1100°c

  • 1250°c

  • DXY

  • Wooden Box and Pallet/Packed as Customers′ Need

  • all size

  • China

  • 84213990

  • Catalytic Converter

  • Steel

  • Euro V

  • ISO9001, TS16949

  • The Noise of Engine

  • Mechanical Noise

Product Description

Meta Honeycomb Substrate Description:
Comparing with the ceramic substrate, metallic substrate has the advantages of fast burning, small volume, high mechanical strength, prominent heat-resistance, etc. It is widely used in exhaust gas purification equipments, such as motorbike, yacht etc. The metallic substrate should be pretreated to generate a transition layer which is to solve the mismatched heat expansion between metallic substrate itself and the active layer. On the transition layer, it is coated with the rare earth catalyst layer, while in active layer is coated with noble metal like Pt, Pd, Rh. Along with the Europe III, IV emissions implementation, the company has carried on the optimized design in the original formula foundation, developed a series of combustion initiation temperature to be lower, the transformed efficiency was higher. A anti-agglutination ability better new catalyst, and has reported the national invention patent. Can enable the vehicles using CCC+UCC or the UCC plan appropriate readjustment engine to achieve the European III, IV standard CO: 1.0g/km, HC: 0.6g/km, NOX: 0.08g/km which measured in the national passenger vehicle quality examination center, the product performance achieve the European III standard. All products are satisfied with EPA emission standard and Euro 2, 3, 4.

Meet European II emission standard
Motor damnify< 3%
Passed Wearing test of 15000KM
Passing through the strict test of endurance, our motorcycle catalyst converter has met European emission standard, and the economical sloss (loss)of motorcycle's power could be less than 3%. Its catalyst carrier includes: Metallic catalyst carrier and honeycomb ceramic catalyst carrier. We could customize the products according to clients's different requirement (clients different requirements).
Test result(Given by Quality Supervision and Inspection Station of Industrial Ceramic)

*To make the product with tri-angle, round and square hole as well as other specification in accordance with customer's demand.
*Adopt the metallic and ceramic carrier as motorcycle catalyst.
*Simulation system of the computer to design meticulously, it is accurate to match. (Simulation system of the computer is designed meticulously and matched accurately)
*Remarkable to purify, are equivalent Europe II Emission standard (Remarkable purify effect which are equivalent to Europe II Emission standard)
*Motor damnify< 3%
*Passed Wearing test of 15000KM

*Stainless steel shell,
*Foil material is OCr21Al6, foil thickness is 0.1mm
*Cell pieces per square inch: 100, 200, 300 and 400cpsi
*Shape and dimension is customized according to drawing provided
Item Unit Standard Value Actual measured value Result Inspection standard
SiO2 - 50 ± 2 48.40 Eligible QB/T 2578-2002
Al2O3 - 35 ± 2 34.65 Eligible
Fe2O3 - - 0.44 -
CaO - - 1.49 -
Mgo - 13 ± 2 12.78 Eligible
Outlook quality - - Meet the requirement Eligible XB/T 505-2003
Crack in the surface - No visible cracks available in the extremity and the flank - -
Defect in the hole wall - Could not exceed 0.1% extremity - -
Damage of edge - For each 28mmX18mm extremity, there should be less than 3 places of damage - -
Chiseled hole in the surface - The depth ≤ 1.6mm, the whole area of the chiseled hole ≤ 300mm2, and the girth of the hole ≤ 6.4mm2. - -
Rate of blocking hole - ≤ 1.0% - -
Dimension tolerance mm Length ≤ 100 permitted tolerance ± 1.0 Meet the requirement Eligible
Thermal expansion coefficient ≥ 15.0X10-7 14.6X10-7 Eligible
Intenerate temperature ≥ 1360 1364 Eligible
Heat and libration resistance 650 650-8 Never crack in one time Eligible
Cubage density g/cm3 0.45-0.55 0.50 Eligible
Water absorption % 16.5,tolerance ± 2.0 16.85 Eligible
Compressive strength kg/cm2 - - -
Axes A - ≥ 106 143.8 Eligible
Axes B - ≥ 14.5 20.5 Eligible
Axes C - ≥ 1.7 3.2 Eligible
Cool libraest - - Under the frequency of 100 ± 50H 2 , after being librated for 3 hours, there aren't any damage and cracks


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