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Good Performance Metal Honeycomb Substrate Metallic Substrate Catalytic Converter
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Good Performance Metal Honeycomb Substrate Metallic Substrate Catalytic Converter

  • Shanghai, China

  • 100, 000pieces/Month

  • L/C, T/T, Western Union

  • MHS

  • The Brake Noise

  • Catalytic Converter

  • North America

  • SS304, SS316

  • as Catalyst Used in Automobile/Motorcycle

  • 100-600cpsi

  • 0.04-0.1

  • 10-250

  • 1100°c

  • 1250°c

  • DXY

  • Wooden Box and Pallet/Packed as Customers′ Need

  • all size

  • China

  • 84213990

  • Catalytic Converter

  • Steel

  • Euro V

  • ISO9001, TS16949

  • The Noise of Engine

  • Mechanical Noise

Product Description

Metallic Honeycomb Substrate Description:
Metallic substrate is with the advantages of fast burning, small volume, high mechanical strength, prominent heat-resistance, etc. It is widely used in exhaust gas purification, especially for motorbike. High strength complex substrate plus big surface area and active element of noble metal could lower down pollutant value of motorcycle exhaust efficiently, such as CO, HC, NOX etc...And such kind of catalyst is of excellent catalytic activity and durability that could reach Euro emission standard 3, meet requirement and have approval of EPA and E-MARK.

*Catalyst type: Complex catalyst of noble metal (PT, Pd, Rh) plus rare earth complex catalyst.
*Catalytic substrate: Metal substrate and honeycomb ceramic substrate.
*Fantastic coating fastness and stably and long-term catalyst ability.
*Advanced technic of substrates making and canning, ensuring depandable resistance heat shocks and stability of equipment.
*Various kinds of specifications and types, customized products as per clients specific requirement and technology data.
Remark: We can produce Metallic Substrate coated with noble metals of PT, Pd and
Rh and without precious metals as well.
We mainly produce auto catalyst used for vehicles, motorcycles, ATV, universal engine, garden machinery and agricultural cultivating machinery according to its features:
*Low light-off temperature
*Long-term durability performance
*Key material imported from Japan and Germany
*contain noble metal: PT/ Pd/ Rh
*Meet the Standards Euro II ~ Euro V emission standard, EPA, CARB approved
Good Performance Metal Honeycomb Substrate Metallic Substrate Catalytic Converter
Shape Shell size(mm) Core size(mm) Cell density (CPSI)
Rotundity Ø 30x22 Ø 28X20 100/200/300/400
Rotundity Ø 35x20 Ø 33X20 100/200/300/400
Rotundity Ø 35x30 Ø 33x30 100/200/300/400
Rotundity Ø 35x40 Ø 33x40 100/200/300/400
Rotundity Ø 35x50 Ø 33x50 100/200/300/400
Rotundity Ø 35x60 Ø 33x60 100/200/300/400
Rotundity Ø35 x 70/100/130 Ø33 x 60/90/120 100/200/300/400
Rotundity Ø42 x 70/100/130 Ø40 x 60/90/120 100/200/300/400
Rotundity Ø45 x 70/100/130 Ø43 x 60/90/120 100/200/300/400
Rotundity Ø63.5 x 85/100/130 Ø60.5 x 74.5/90/120 200/300/400
Rotundity Ø73 x 70/100/130 L Ø70 x 60/90/120 200/300/400
Rotundity Ø93 x 70/100/130 Ø90 x 60/90/120 200/300/400
Rotundity Ø100.3 x 100/130 Ø98.3 x 90/120 600
Rotundity Ø144 x 150/152.4 Ø142 x 140/142.4 200/300/400
Rotundity Ø190 x 200 Ø188 x 190 200/300/400
Rotundity Ø420 x 100/130 Ø416 x 90/120 300/400
Race track 123x63x85 120x60x75 200/300
Race track 123x63x100 120x60x90 200/300
Race track 78.5x52x104 76.5x50x90 200/300


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