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Customized Honeycomb Ceramic Substrate Ceramic Honeycomb
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Customized Honeycomb Ceramic Substrate Ceramic Honeycomb

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  • 100, 000pieces/Month

  • Wooden Box and Pallet/Packed as Customers′ Need

  • L/C, T/T, Western Union

  • CHS

  • 100-600cpsi

  • DXY

  • China

  • Ceramic

  • Euro IV

  • ISO9001

  • Catalytic Converter

  • Cordierite, Corundum

  • Diameter<120mm/Diameter<200mm, etc

Product Description

Ceramic Honeycomb Substrate are made of cordierite enjoys the merits of very low thermal expansion coefficient, high specific surface area, low pressure drop, rapid light-off and unique structures which are perfect for car catalytic converter. We can supply both ceramic element coated with noble metals of PT, Pd, Rh and ceramic element without noble metals. The shape will be round, oval or racetrack with 100 cpsi, 300 cpsi, 400 cpsi or 600 cpsi cells that provide high surface for the precious metal catalysts that convert noxious emission into water vapor, carbon dioxide and so on.
Their thermal expansion coefficient can be controlled within 1.1 × 10-6, the average diameter of poreis 8-10μ M, with the wall thickness of 0.15-0.17mm, achieving leading industrial level in China, and ready to be used in a variety of catalytic converter applications. The core technologies of honeycomb ceramic substrate is on lowering thermal expansion coefficient, improving the cellular structure and wall thickness. We offer more than 40 sizes of ceramic substrates with various cell designs.
As filtrate substrate, ceramic honeycomb materials generally utilized in food processing, environmental industry, metallurgical industry ect. For filtering partjiculate in industrial waste gas and bubble in liquid of molten melt and making the molten melt laminar so as to increase casting yields, also filtering impurities in juice, dextrose and sucrose ect.


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